Windows Phone refers to the operating systems Microsoft has developed for smartphones. This is the replacement of Windows Mobile and Zune. The user interface for Windows Phone is developed with the help of Metro design language. Windows Phone has shifted the operating system’s focus from the enterprise market to the consumer market. All versions of Windows Phone and all their apps are programmed through C or C++. Microsoft is currently providing OS upgrades through over-the-air downloads for version 8 onwards only.

Our staff members include former Microsoft employees who have worked in the Windows Phone segment. Come join our Windows Phone course and learn how to develop apps for the elusive Windows Phone OS.
  • Since C and C++ are used in the creation of the OS and all its apps, the advanced programming constructs involved in these two languages will be taught to you by our experts. Every programming construct can be tested in the practical classes and students can develop their own apps for Windows Phone. Come and learn with us and leave as an excellent app developer for Windows Phone.

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