VLSI or Very Large Scale Integration is a process where an Integrated circuit is created by bringing together transistors numbering to the thousands within a single chip. Every microprocessor is a VLSI design. VLSI chips are operated and tested through a programming language called Verilog. Verilog is used to program the VLSI chip to perform the operations required by the user according to the capacity of the chip.

A single chip can be used for various operations if the chip is reprogrammed after each operation. Our staff members include an expert in VLSI who will teach you the three components of VSLI knowledge: front-end, verification and physical design.
  • Front-end and verification classes include practical classes to allow you to practice the coding learnt in theory and the different programming possibilities. Come to us with the thirst for knowledge and our experts will teach and guide you through the three stages of VLSI design. The end result of our VLSI design course is a VLSI designer with advanced capabilities.

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